How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

While winning the lottery looks purely like a matter of chance, somehow you’ll discover that it depends on the selection of numbers made by the player. People are so focused on winning by any means, most likely because it’s a simple source of receiving a huge amount in a small share of money and additionally provides extreme excitement.

how to pick winning lotto numbers

Most of the lottery players around the globe face difficulty when it comes to choosing the right number for the game they are going to play. When trying to discover how to win lottery tickets, picking the best numbers can be a difficult task. Mostly people pick their own random selection of numbers, but not all are willing to take risk to discover how to pick winning lottery numbers.

Some strategies are there, though not certain, but they let the lottery player to pick the right lotto numbers with a high possibility of increasing the odds of winning. Winning a pick 3 lottery is the best as the chances of achieving a victory is a ratio of a thousand to one. People usually bet for the significant numbers such like their birthdays, house number and some other numbers they are familiar with, but this approach is not at all appropriate unless someone is exceptionally lucky. If you want to know how to pick winning lottery numbers for pick 3 lottery, there are several ways to do this.

One way is to study the past winning combinations closely and finding the most frequent occurrence of numbers. Those particular numbers can be chosen or more combination can be generated that one can bet for.

The other strategy is to select three different numbers as they are more likely to occur and offer a better chance to win pick3 lotto. Pick 8, 5, 6 or 7, 8, 9 instead of 1, 1, 5 or 6, 7, 6. Different numbers have a good probability of occurrence in 6 different combinations. This is said to be the best used statistic by professional players.

Another alternative to determining how to win lotto numbers is to use of a software. A pre-programmed database creates statistical analysis and comes out with suitable results. The best software produces random numbers and also generate charts and tables based on the readings provided by the users that can be further be used by the player as a reference.

Whichever method players are willing to use, it doesn’t mean they will win the lottery at first attempt or even in any attempt. Investigating formulas and systems available are worthy to use, but one should have the capacity to accept the delays and after all, lottery is the name of a game of patience and only the patient ones learn how to win lotto numbers.


Though each drawing of the Pick 3 lottery might seem to be be completely different from the earlier one, still there could be a few patterns that are practically as well as theoretically confirmed to be effective. So, if you are a regular player in this field, you want to remember all these things.These games may be mentioned in a different manner in every state. But in this post, we’ll use the term Pick 3.

To start with, there can be one thousand 3 digit numbers which may vary from 000 to 999. So, your odds of winning this game is 1 in 1000 as a result. But, if you’re dealing with boxes, in which the arrangement of the numbers hardly matter, there are likely to be only 220 potential combinations which increases your odds of winning greatly. However, the odds of winning in case of a box will be 1 in 220. The reason being the boxes can be with/without repetitive numbers. For instance, 360 may have a greater percentage of winning as compared to 007, whereas both of these digits might have better winning possibility than 555. 

Subsequently, Pick 3 digits can be classified in 3 sets, like, One-repeating (Doubles), Triples & Non-repeating. Most times, the initial 2 groups are stated as six way & three way boxes, correspondingly. A 220 Pick 3 box groupings have 90 doubles, 10 triples & 120 non-repeating digits. 

Now, you may ask how frequently will a digit be drawn from every set & what are the winning chances using a certain three digit number if the arrangement of the figures isn’t considered?

For this, you must know the total pick 3 numbers which come within every group.Out of 1000 3 digit figures, 270 are doubles, 10 are triples while 720 never repeat. So, in every one hundred Pick 3 draws, you can expect 27 doubles, 1 triple & 72 non repeating figures in theoretical terms. If you consider Maryland Lottery, which is among the first states to start the Pick 3 draw, during the last one hundred draws, there are 29 doubles, 1 triple, & 70 non-repeating figures.

The fact is, even though these numbers may be in line to the theoretic expectations, probability models ensure actual situations if the trials are big. Hence, you get 4334 doubles, 153 triples & 11530 non repetitive digits for Maryland from the year 1976 till date. They confirm 27.05% doubles, 0.96% triples & 71.99% non-repetitive respectively. 

These data can be applied to all the other states who play pick 3 games in addition to Maryland. Now, let us understand the odds of winning through a Pick-3 box. If you go with the boxes of none-repetitive digits like 360 & a double like 007, your chances of win will be around 1 in every 167 initially, & 1 in 333 afterwards. The reason being 360, as stated before, wins through 6 digits, so 1000 divided by 6. This equals to 166.7 whereas the odds of winning with 007 will be 1000 divided by 3. This equals to 333.3. 

This shows you why the price of winning a double digit is two times as compared to a winning non-repetitive digit. Naturally, as there’s hardly any box play in case of triples, the price is comparable to a traditional play. Many states offer $80 for each dollar consisting of non-repetitive boxes, $500 for each dollar of triples & $160 for each dollar of doubles. 

Note: A general mistake that most people make is they consider the combinations of 077 as a portion of 007 boxes. 077 box is a totally different box as compared to 007 box; the first case repeats the number 7, whereas the latter case, you have 0 which is being repeated. 

To conclude, though it can be hard to guess precisely which of the numbers might win, one thing which every Pick 3 player must take into account are the pattern trends of the digits in the latest draws with regard to being non- doubles, triples & repetitive. In case one of the sets is too late, particularly much outside the probable time lapse, you must focus on that set. More significantly, if combined with additional analyses like lateness of numbers, the boxes, pairs & the frequency, you could profit from the Pick 3 games in a positive manner.


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